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India has revived the public health system through concerted efforts by the government, and significant improvement in the health of the citizens is seen over the past few decades. For instance, the average life expectancy in India has risen from 59.6 years in 1990 to 69.89 years in 2020. The number of under-five deaths in India has dropped from 3.4 million in 1990 to 824,000 in 2019.

The life expectancy and mortality rates in India has improved, but still much of the country’s population due to their socioeconomic status, geography, or gender is deprived of access to good healthcare and they are vulnerable.

SRKKF has been striving for the betterment of public health since nearly a decade. We carry out various initiatives to address issues ranging from malnutrition to AIDS, maternal and child health and mental health. Our goal is to strengthen the capability of the healthcare system through approaches that includes partnerships, institution building, and adoption of technology and innovation.

Alignment with UN SDG goals
The overall work of SRKKF in the area of healthcare addresses the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  • SDG 1: No Poverty
  • SDG 2: Zero Hunger
  • SDG 3: Good Health and Well Being
  • SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

More Than
People Reached

Various Initiatives

Our Former Late President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s enduring dream to contribute in doing the needful for the rural and the deprived population of our country, inspired us to launch the ‘Kalam Health Project’ and carry out India’s First Population Health Study. The study was done at geographically remote Saurashtra and other rural areas of Gujarat. More than 1,12,225 people have undergone health check-ups for the Kalam Health Project till date. The above research projects are shared with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), and the Health Policy Authority of State and Nation. ‘THE SRK-KALAM HEALTH PROJECT – INDIA’S FIRST POPULATION HEALTH STUDY’ LAUNCHED FOR PEOPLE’S GOOD.

Every year we team up with Nanduba Medical Centre to battle the various health issues faced by the tribal communities under this initiative. Since nearly 30 years, we have donated items of clothing, toys, food packets, and various other essential materials. Special disease diagnostic camps and free distribution of medicines are also carried out.

Shri Govindkaka believes that medical support is society’s most crucial need and there must not be any lack of facilities when it comes to life. SRKKF has breathed life into his belief and has built a highly competent medical infrastructure not just in Surat but in various districts of Gujarat. The objective of the Nanduba Medical center is to provide affordable healthcare services, including consultation with specialist doctors at highly subsidized consulting rates. The center has been able to rope in services of over 50 medical professionals who have pledged their time to the social cause. The medical center provides an OPD facility, Physiotherapy, Pathology Laboratory, Digital X-Ray and USG, HIV/AIDS Control Centre, Dentistry and Ambulance Services. Also a specialist and a super specialist visits once in week free of cost for better treatments.

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